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Get the world’s first magnetically sealed toilet seat today!


It’s a Scientific Fact!
Whenever we are sick with

As our bodies fight the sickness,
we pass it out of us in our:





A fine, invisible mist spray rises
SEVERAL FEET out of it made up
of Bio-Aerosols called Toilet Plume!

Actual Photo of a Toilet Flushing Releasing Toilet Plume. To read the full news article CLICK HERE. Photo Credit Harpic.

Click below for Interesting Plume Videos to UNDERSTAND this Disgusting Phenomenon!


Our World is awakening to the dangers of BIO AEROSOLS & DISEASE TRANSMISSION!

How else did you think Toilet Bacteria & Virus particles got INSIDE Hand Dryers?

Or climbed SEVERAL FEET OUT OF YOUR REACH and up into a Ceiling Exhaust Fan?

Magic perhaps?

Sadly, even if you have been doing the RIGHT THING & flushing with the toilet lid down…

A recent study in April 2021 has confirmed a June 2005 study that Bio-Aerosols do still Escape the Sides & Gaps on a conventional toilet seat and spill out into our bathrooms.

When Flushing lid down the Bio-Aerosols are forced to land & Concentrate on the Toilet Seat which you sit in. And then carry on your butt back to your nice warm bed with you!


April 2021 Florida Atlantic University Video Illustrating Bio-Aerosol Particles Flushing

“The Droplets were detected at heights of up to 5ft for 20 seconds after the flush. Researchers detected a smaller amount of droplets in the air when the toilet lid was closed but not by much. Suggesting that aerosolized droplets escaped through the small gaps between the cover & the seat… The toilet generated large quantities of droplets under 3 micrometers in size, POSING A SIGNIFICANT TRANSMISSION RISK IF THEY CONTAIN INFECTIOUS MICRO-ORGANISMS”. Click HERE to Read the Full Article.

If you left your Refrigerator open a Crack…

Would you expect it to seal cold-air?

“Closing the Toilet Lid had little effect in reducing the number of bacteria released into the air which was c. 1000CFU m-3 After the first flush. Although splashes would have been contained by closing the lid, there was a gap of 15 mm between the top of the porcelain rim and the seat, and also a gap between the seat and the lid of 12mm which would allow aerosols to escape into the room”

Journal of Applied Microbiology June 2005 -> The Science <-
Click For Full Studies.

Finally! You can UNDERSTAND how your Toilet Plume is COATING YOUR LIFE in Infectious Waste from the last 24 users of that Toilet either Flushing Lid up or Down!

Fecal–oral transmission is a common transmission route for many viruses, including SARS-CoV-2…It can be concluded that fecal–oral transmission is not a unique feature of the currently raging SARS-CoV-2 but a common transmission channel for most viruses…The trajectories of aerosol particles during flushing. The simulation results are alarming in that massive upward transport of virus particles is observed, with 40%–60% of particles reaching above the toilet seat, leading to large-scale virus spread.

Read Scientific Proof

To Recap on your disease blender:

  • Covid-19 is a PROVEN FECAL /
    ORAL transmitting disease
  • Covid-19 is PROVEN to replicate new virus in
    the rectum / anus
  • Covid-19 is proven to shed up to 70 days and as long as 36 days in children asymptomatic & symptomatic alike.
  • Because of that PROVEN shedding science is tracing Covid-19 world wide in our sewage
  • Science has PROVEN our toilets aerosolize an invisible spray of up to 145,000 moisture droplets per flush like our breath
  • It’s just plain Common Sense our toilets make Covid-19 airborne! Again….

Ultimately landing on surfaces in our hospitals, schools & businesses

If you were told to Self-Isolate by Health Officials Worldwide, they said to NOT SHARE BATHROOMS with your household… DOES THAT REQUEST NOW MAKE COMMON SENSE?

Fresh Virus in the Anus? Last Stop before ‘Splash Down’

Your Toilet doesn’t Socially Distance as it fires up feet under your Nose & Mouth! There isn’t a SINGLE MEDICAL PROFFESIONAL in the WORLD who thinks INGESTING or INHALING Bio- Hazardous Infectious waste particles or TOUCHING dried Toilet Plume Fomites, is GOOD for Your HEALTH!

Now think of Hospitals, Schools & Nursing Homes WITH NO COVERS OR LIDS IN A PANDEMIC!

Like it Or Not. This is happening in your bathroom…


Your Toilet has been Secretly Exposing You to Toilet Plume your ENTIRE LIFE… NEVER giving you a choice if you want to keep breathing it?

There are zero health benefits from being exposed to infectious waste!

So are you keeping your Old, Gapped, Slow-Closing, Toilet Plume Spreading, making you sick Seat?

Or will you choose to Upgrade to A Healthier Lifestyle by purchasing one of Our Magnetically Sealing Common Sense Toilet Seats Today!

All Seats Seal Up like your Refrigerator at home!

Our Internationally Patent-Pending Secret is Magnetism.
Keeping your Toilet Bowl Airtight for the Lifetime of your Seat!

We are the 1st TOILET SEAT COMPANY in the WORLD to STOP Toilet Plume! AND

Unlike the other guys…
We keep the gross things where they belong!


And with your help we can spread the word on this Amazing Canadian Product!

All of our seats come with these additional amazing benefits!

No Slamming

Because it is all Anti-Microbial Silicone Underneath. It sounds like a Rubber Ball Hitting Porcelain. No Fancy, Useless, Expensive Slow Close Seat Needed.

Reduces Flushing Noise by up to 70%

We fill the Gaps, which makes it that much quieter. It’s like having a Silencer on your Toilet “ Shhhhhh…. Say Hello to my Quieter Little Friend”

No Annoying

Won’t slide around and will stay where it’s supposed to… On your Toilet Bowl! For Rowdy & Rambunctious kids, or Aging Family Member. It Won’t Slide.

Easy to

No Special Soaps or Expensive Cleaning Products are Necessary. But we already know what you are thinking… the Answer is YES!

Easy To

Guaranteed Fit on any North American Style (Elongated or Round) Toilet bowl.
Just the two screws at the back and a peel and stick magnet at the front of the bowl, and you are on your way to Cleaner, Safer and Healthier Living!
For Cleaning & Installation questions please visit our FAQ page

Saving Tik Tok

Take Back Control of what you are Breathing or Touching in your Bathroom no matter how much time you might spend in there…

Makes a Great Gift

Reward that person in your life that has ALWAYS had the Common Sense to keep that toothbrush tucked in a drawer or outside the bathroom and scolded you on several occasions to flush with the lid down!

You can gift them a Common Sense Seat that ACTUALLY DOES what they have been advocating to EVERYONE that has ever used their bathroom!

So… What are you waiting for?!?

All Seats Seal Up like your Refrigerator at home!


The Harmful Germs, Viruses & Diseases they Can Carry…
Isn’t just a good idea…

It’s Common Sense Really!

We think we have made an “Air Tight Case” to purchase a New Seat… but If you are somehow still in the 5% of ‘Unconvinced Karens’ of the World…