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Ryan Hunt- Inventor & Founder

Ryan was born in Calgary AB & Raised in Edmonton AB and currently residing in Saskatoon Saskatchewan with his family. Ryan has been in the car industry for over 17 years holding several high positions from General Manager of a Dealership, Director of Finance to Used Car Manager & being a vehicle Importer/Exporter of vehicles to the USA.

People that really known Ryan have always seen him as an ideas kind of guy…

Conceptualizing this idea back in 2011 in small-town Saskatchewan, and being laid off during the Pandemic of 2020. It gave him the confidence to push forward and file a PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) Application in June of 2020 allowing him to enter 153 Nations Worldwide with his patent.

As a now self-described “Toilet Man”, Ryan has spent many hours in a bathroom over his lifetime and really believes that even though he isn’t a Doctor or Scientist he certainly has a Ph.D. in Common Sense!

As science is catching up to him… with Covid-19 cases being linked to Toilet Plume and variants on the rise, it’s time to protect your family from not only Covid… But all the other nasty things that are lurking in our Toilets!

“Using Magnets and Anti-Microbial Silicone to create an Air-Tight seal like a Refrigerator on a toilet to NOT breathe in a stranger’s Urine, Feces, Vomit and Menstrual fluid particles from Free Floating into your mouth Isn’t just a good idea…

It’s just Common Sense Really!”