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Cleaning / Installation + FAQ’S

How do I clean a Common Sense Toilet Seat?

The same way you ALWAYS have! Use your favorite cleaners on our tough lids as the quality hospital-grade antimicrobial materials will hold up to your routine.

Imagine the satisfaction of cleaning the concentrated Toilet Filth and Viruses from the underside of your seat & toilet lid… with the knowledge that it did not go flying around your bathroom being inhaled, sat in, or ingested!

How do I install a Common Sense Toilet Seat?

Here is a set of simple instructions to remove and install your New Common Sense Seat!

To install you will need the following:

  • A Screwdriver
  • A Large Garbage Bag
  • Can of Cleaner/ Disinfectant
  • Paper Towels
  • Rubber Gloves
  • 5 minutes of your Time

Put on your Rubber Gloves and do the following:

Step 1. Thoroughly Disinfect your Toilet & Old Seat using paper towels and Cleaning Agent.

Step 2. Unscrew the Screws on Old Toilet Seat at back (There will be tightening bolts underneath as well)

Step 3. Place Old Toilet in Garbage Bag and Dirty Paper Towel.

Step 4. Screw in your New Common Sense Seat with provided hardware.

Step 5. Peel and Stick your Provided Magnet, lining it up with the Magnet at front of seat.

It’s so easy, anyone can do it!

Now Please Enjoy Your Plume Free Bathroom!

Will my toilet flush while magnetically sealed?

Yes, think of when you plunge a toilet. The clog behind the plunger will clear before you have released the plunger seal on the bowl. It is the same principle and that is why your toilet will flush!

Still don’t believe us?

Watch The Video Below

How do I know if it will fit my toilet?

That’s a great question! Below is a fitment guide for each lid. You will either have a short or elongated bowl. Short is more stout and round. Our Common Sense Toilet Seats are Designed to fit Elongated or Round North American Toilets. Please use the measurements below:

How Long will my Toilet Seat take to arrive?

With our Kickstarter Campaign, we hope to be shipping the first seats within 60-90 days of campaign completion. We will fulfill ALL ORDERS placed in the campaign as long as they are being shipped in NORTH AMERICA (USA, CANADA)

Will it REALLY make my life Healthier?

Honestly, we don’t know ALL THE POSITIVE HEALTH BENEFITS yet for society as we have been exposed to these Viruses and Germ particles daily for our whole lives after recently realizing flushing lid up or lid down makes NO DIFFERENCE… With us now REALIZING we have been getting sick from Toilets & oblivious to the exact cause of How, Where, Why we got sick… Until Now!

But let’s face it, if you asked ANY Doctor or Medical Professional if Breathing in, Touching or Ingesting Yours, a Friends’, a Family Members’ or a Perfect Strangers URINE, FECES, VOMIT & Menstrual Fluid particles with the Viruses, Bacteria & Diseases they carry is a good idea or part of a healthy lifestyle…

They would probably look at you sideways and tell you to go…

“Get Some Common Sense!!!”